Interesting Facts About Delicious Cakes

Because we all love cakes, will be interesting to learn something more about them. That’s why we’ve gathered some interesting facts about cakes. We will now share with you some of those you may not know.

Some sweet and curious things that you will sure like to read about. And then you’re going to looking for this delicious dessert in Internet, checking how to Order Cake Online Chandigarh. Here we are going to tell you the most interesting facts about cakes.

According to the “food” chronicles, the first recorded baked goods are the ancient Egyptians, but their cake is not exactly a cake, but rather a piece of bread, sweetened with honey instead of sugar. Usually bread was made with sweet glaze. Then they began to cut the bread in two and put a cream between the two halves.

Every year on the same day, the ancient Greeks did something like a cake-a sweet motif-shaped berry, decorated with fruit and cream, and served it in the temples as a tribute to the goddess of the moon. And to appease her even more and she liked the gift, they added candles which, in their view, recreated the glow of the Moon and its beauty.

The prevailing opinion seems to be that the Romans are the first civilization to celebrate the birthday of ordinary people. They also took the idea of delicious bread with decoration and cream, but they had already transferred it to their families and friends. For example, who celebrated his 10th or 50th birthday, he also received a special cake made from wheat flour, olive oil, honey and grated cheese.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the original definition of the word “cake” was:

“A relatively small flattened bread, round, oval or otherwise shaped, which usually bakes well on both sides, turning around during baking.” It sounds more like cracking a cracker than a cake – as we know it today. The word ‘cake’ comes from the Old Norse word ‘kaka’. Bakeries in the Middle Ages often made fruit cakes and gingerbread bread. Their shelf life was several months.

According to historians, the predecessors of today’s cakes were produced somewhere in the mid-17th century thanks to advances in technology. At that time, oval forms of cakes were popular and placed on flat metal, wooden or even paper baking trays. The first glaze was a cooked mixture of the best sugar for the time, proteins and sometimes aromas. It poured on the cake. The cake then returned to the oven for a while. When removed, the glaze cooled quickly to form a glossy finish. A lot of cakes from that time were made with dried fruits, raisins, currants or lemons.

The cake we know today (made from fine flour and baking powder instead of yeast) appeared in the middle of the 19th century. In the early twentieth century, olives were replacing glazes made with boiling until then. Frenchman Antoine Carrem is considered the father of modern cake. Until today, the cake has undergone many metamorphoses in search of the delightful taste. At the end of the 20th century in Europe, cream-based cakes were replaced with cake-based cakes, followed by mushroom-based mousse-based cheeses, and more and more confectioners are making cakes based on yogurt.

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