Cake Is The Most Important Accessory Of The Holiday

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Check out some photos of your childhood. Among them you will surely find at least one on which you stand proudly behind a huge cake with a lighted candle, and around you peek the curious heads of your buddies looking at the ornate cake. Dear memories. We all have them. And now our children collect them again over huge colored cakes.


Today, the cakes are even more colorful, even more ornate, and the birthday photos are no longer just from the kindergarten. Well, at least we had pictures. In fact, the birthday tradition of having a cake originated from many, many years back when there were no cameras at all. Since ancient times it is considered that the cake is the first bite of a beginning, whether it be a wedding, a birthday or another holiday, and it must be sweet. And it must be round, because the holiday gathers the closest circle of friends to keep the birthday from the devil spirits who are visiting him this day of the year. There is no exact data on the origin of the special pastry, as there were more celebrations, christenings and name days in the past. The birthday has given its place to the most important celebration only in recent centuries of human history.


Light has always embodied the beginning of reincarnation. Christians connect the flame of the candle to the spiritual light that illuminates the Earth at the birth of the Son of God. The lit candle always reminds of the living flame and the blow from the birthday marks the beginning of another wonderful year. In our country even the American custom enters the child to devise a desire and then to blow the flame.


The cake symbolizes the beginning of the birthday path, which is desirable to go with honey and butter. Therefore, it should be sweet, with a lot of cream and richly decorated with cream, caramel or chocolate. However, adding more frequent allergies and the fact that the pastry is eaten by children, one of the most important safety conditions is the cream. When choosing a birthday cake it is good to follow the above-mentioned features. If you invited the kids home, it would be best and safely to stop on a chocolate-free cake with a light cream and you should check the date of the certificate of suitability that the manufacturers will provide you with.


As parents look after the quality of the cake, the most important part of the children remains the decoration. And the most delicious cake will not attract attention if you do not “walk” animals, do not smile a princess or do not “fly” a favorite cartoon hero in a typical posture. You can find hundreds of offers in baby cake catalogs. They are generally divided into several main groups:

* PAINTING. On the cake is painted a picture of choice, without the top figures.

* SUGAR FIGURES. Some time ago it was the only way to have a special cake. Today is also practiced, but with far more colorful and interesting animals, flowers and shapes.

* PLASTIC FIGURES. Children love this model because they see their favorite characters come alive in the midst of the candle fire. Best of all, after the end of the holiday the birthday takes home the pieces and the game continues. And how fun it is to lick the cream from the legs of the superheroes ?

* FAMILY GRAY. Today, some of the most modern models are those that literally take the shape of the chosen character. For example, mice popping out of yellow cheese, a castle with winding plants on the walls, or a retro car that will now light up the engine and “escape” from the tray.

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