How The Delicious Cakes Are Made?

How The Delicious Cakes Are Made

How The Delicious Cakes Are Made

The cake is a confectionery product, usually in round shape and on floors (pastry blades alternate with layers of cream) and decorated with fruits, nuts, chocolate, cream and others, which is prepared and served in special cases – birthday and name days, anniversaries and the like. Basically, the cakes in the culinary are salty and sweet. The salads are served as an appetizer or as a part of the menu at various receptions. Sweet cakes, however, are a whole art that you learn all your life because their variety is inexhaustible. In consistency, cakes are juicy (syrupy) and dry. They are made from different confectionery bases.

The most commonly used bases are: Sponge cakes and shrubs in a variety of flavors and colors – vanilla, cocoa, caramel, different kinds of nuts or with the addition of cow’s butter, fresh milk, cream, heat-treated fruits

Oily confectionery bases of classic crumbly dough or kernel enriched, liner base, multi-layered oil base, cake base

Nut bases – with the participation of walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts

Protein bases – light and heavy protein dough

Honey confectionery bases – Send Cakes To Chandigarh

Another component of the cakes is confectionery syrups. They are made from sugar, glucose, honey, water, food, coloring and flavoring. Sometimes the sugar is caramelized to produce caramel syrup, and cocoa syrup is produced with the addition of cocoa and butter. The acid serves to invert the syrup to prevent crystallization of the syrup sugar.

The next component of the cake making is the filling. For filling are used different pastry creams – oil, chocolate, cream and combinations between them. Sometimes crushed nuts, chocolate, crocant, gelling agents, liqueurs, jams, eggs, essences, fresh fruits are added. The syrupy operation of confectionery bases is called tumbling, and their blending with cream filming. After filtering time is required to cool and tighten the foundations. The following operation is a garnish with cream, glazes, sprinkles, pancakes, fresco of different origins.

Cakes can have several floors, which can be coated with fondant or oily cream. They are usually decorated with flowers made of sour or chocolate cream. Very interesting and often used are sugar figures, which, besides being very beautiful, can be eaten too. Very popular for decoration are all kind of fruits. Making the cake beautiful and tasty, fruits can show us what the cake consists. For example if the cake is a tropical one, the decoration definitely will be made by tropical fruits too. Cake decoration can be very colorful and funny, or simply delicate and tender. A good cakes decorator can make a simple cake to looks as an amazing work of art.

After the last operation of decorating the tasty and beautiful cakes are ready to be delivered to your friends or family, to make them happy, sending them your love and cares. Online Cake Delivery will help you sending the favorite cake to your beloved people easy and fast, saving you time and tension. All you need is to check in Google for a good online cake delivery site and to order the cake, what you like most. So, don’t waste time but go and order the sweetest and most colorful cake which will bring smiles to your loved ones’ faces.

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