Interesting Facts About Delicious Cakes

Because we all love cakes, will be interesting to learn something more about them. That’s why we’ve gathered some interesting facts about cakes. We will now share with you some of those you may not know.

Some sweet and curious things that you will sure like to read about. And then you’re going to looking for this delicious dessert in Internet, checking how to Order Cake Online Chandigarh. Here we are going to tell you the most interesting facts about cakes.

According to the “food” chronicles, the first recorded baked goods are the ancient Egyptians, but their cake is not exactly a cake, but rather a piece of bread, sweetened with honey instead of sugar. Usually bread was made with sweet glaze. Then they began to cut the bread in two and put a cream between the two halves.

Every year on the same day, the ancient Greeks did something like a cake-a sweet motif-shaped berry, decorated with fruit and cream, and served it in the temples as a tribute to the goddess of the moon. And to appease her even more and she liked the gift, they added candles which, in their view, recreated the glow of the Moon and its beauty.

The prevailing opinion seems to be that the Romans are the first civilization to celebrate the birthday of ordinary people. They also took the idea of delicious bread with decoration and cream, but they had already transferred it to their families and friends. For example, who celebrated his 10th or 50th birthday, he also received a special cake made from wheat flour, olive oil, honey and grated cheese.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the original definition of the word “cake” was:

“A relatively small flattened bread, round, oval or otherwise shaped, which usually bakes well on both sides, turning around during baking.” It sounds more like cracking a cracker than a cake – as we know it today. The word ‘cake’ comes from the Old Norse word ‘kaka’. Bakeries in the Middle Ages often made fruit cakes and gingerbread bread. Their shelf life was several months.

According to historians, the predecessors of today’s cakes were produced somewhere in the mid-17th century thanks to advances in technology. At that time, oval forms of cakes were popular and placed on flat metal, wooden or even paper baking trays. The first glaze was a cooked mixture of the best sugar for the time, proteins and sometimes aromas. It poured on the cake. The cake then returned to the oven for a while. When removed, the glaze cooled quickly to form a glossy finish. A lot of cakes from that time were made with dried fruits, raisins, currants or lemons.

The cake we know today (made from fine flour and baking powder instead of yeast) appeared in the middle of the 19th century. In the early twentieth century, olives were replacing glazes made with boiling until then. Frenchman Antoine Carrem is considered the father of modern cake. Until today, the cake has undergone many metamorphoses in search of the delightful taste. At the end of the 20th century in Europe, cream-based cakes were replaced with cake-based cakes, followed by mushroom-based mousse-based cheeses, and more and more confectioners are making cakes based on yogurt.

After reading these such interesting history, you will sure want to try some delicious cake, or why not to send one to your beloved people, making their day tasty and sweet? There is no need to go shopping, you only can check for Online Cake Delivery in Chandigarh. After you find the right site you can order the cake you want and you can be sure your gift will be delivered on time, safely and without any issues. There you can find lots of different cakes for every person and occasion. Big or small, with eggs or not, they will sure please your friends and relatives and will make them sure how much you love them

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How To Express Our Feelings By Sending Flowers Online ?

Many people don’t know how to express their feelings, or do not know the right words they need to say, or just have not any idea when is the right moment to say what they feel or how to start the conversation. But there is an easy way to express yourself without any words. And every moment is right for this. If you think this is impossible or maybe will be not easy or will cost lots of money or time, let me tell you there is nothing like that!

The best way to express your feeling is sending flowers to someone who you love. Just send the right flower which you can find if you check online for Flower Delivery In Chandigarh. Online you can find any kind of flower you want. A single red rose or amazing colorful bouquet for any occasion and every person. In online delivering sites you can find lots of very profitable offers until you are sitting in front of your computer at home or at the office. Without any efforts you can make your beloved people happy.

To Send Flowers To Chandigarh can be so easy and no doubt the flowers will be delivered fresh and on time to the right person.But what can be the right flower for your situation? Do you know every flower has its own meaning with which you can say what is need even without write it on a greeting card? Do you feel guilty and need to say sorry, or you are feeling shy to say I love you? Do you want to send your best wishes someone or just to say I like you? Let’s check some of the most popular flower’s meanings.

Red roses symbolize love and desire, but roses come in a variety of colors and each has their own meaning. For example, the white rose meaning is purity and innocence.

So if you really love someone the best flower to express your feelings is to send a red rose. If you want to show respect or pure sympathy is better to send a beautiful white rose. If you want to remind for yourself choose a white clover, which means ‘Think of me’. Pink carnation means ‘I’ll never forget you’ and the purple Hyacinth means sorrow, forgiveness and regret.

Quantity of flowers also has its symbolism. The bouquets with an even number of flowers are used in funeral ceremonies. Also the different quantities of flowers have different symbolic meanings. For example three pieces of flower – means respect, five counts – recognition, seven pieces -love, nine counts – worship.

If the flowers are more than 12, the number should be divisible by 6. It is not appropriate to give a bouquet containing 13 colors.

Of particular importance is the unit. Then it demonstrates a special relationship between man and woman: “You are my only one.”

Now, understanding the meaning of flowers you are ready to look for an online Flower Delivery In Chandigarh and to choose the best flower for your wife, friends, parents or any relatives. With bouquets you can also send some cake to make the gift really unforgettable. You can be sure your gift will surprise your beloved people on the right time and will makes their day. Using Flower Delivery In Chandigarh is the best way to show your love and cares even without to use a singe word. Flowers will speak instead you. And there is no doubt, they can do it even better than you!

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Why I Always Use Online Cakes And Flowers Delivering Services ?

Has that ever happened to you? sitting at the office, оverworked and stressed, suddenly your phone reminder noticed that your close friend has a birthday today. oh my god, you are thinking, what now? you have not any time to go out to look for some gift or flower, even you don’t know where exactly to go…suddenly you remember someone has told you about an online cake delivering site. Hurry to check open your browser and here, you are finding all what you need. online delivery sites usually offer any kind of sweets, flowers and cakes, you can find there even teddy bears!

Just sitting on your chair you can buy everything what is need to make your beloved people happy! for example there are any cakes for every occasion, birthdays, anniversary, valentine’s day, Christmas, weddings, all what you even can imagine, you can find there. But this is not all. These sites can offer you many different cakes, big or small, colorful or not so. They also can be with or without eggs, with wholemeal or white flour, chocolates, vanilla, fruits, etc. There is a solution for every problem with the diet or lifestyle of the people you want to gift.

Giftmajik Services: Online Cake Delivery In Chandigarh

Using online cake delivery service you can send any kind of non-standard cakes like heart shaped cakes for the loves ones or even photo cakes. The best way to make children happy is to gift them with an amazing with their favorite hero of cartoon or fairly tales. Colorful, fun, delicious, these cakes will sure make your child extremely happy and will bring it lots of joy and good memories. Of course there are lots of classical cakes but you also can find even cakes that you have never thought they exist!

After choosing the right cake, you can be sure it will be delivered on time, no need to think about the cake, how to deliver, where to store it, how to hide from the person you want to surprise. All what is need just to order the cake and the time you want it delivered. No need to looking for the right cake, no need to think about delivering, no need even to leave your office or home, just with a click on your mouse you can get whatever you want, saving your time and lots of tensions. Isn’t it amazing?

But why only cakes? you can order any kind of flowers with it. Beautiful bouquets, or singe roses, splendid and fragrant, they are able to make happy everyone. You can send a flower to say sorry someone you have hurt, to your mother to show how much you love her, to your lovely girl or wife, saying them they are as beautiful as flowers, for birthdays, weddings or any kinds of occasions. There is nothing better as a gift than a beautiful bouquet. and again, no need to looking for the right flower, checking online flower delivery sites will can find everything you need.

Briefly if you need a gift and you need it as soon as it’s possible, the best think you can do is just to sit in front of your computer and to looking for some online cake delivering site. Cake or flower, or even both, you will find there some special offers, you won’t be able to resists. Easy and fast such sites will find the right solution for any important occasion. avoiding annoying shopping, tension or any kind of issues, you can choose the best gift for your beloved people and will sure be able to show they how important are they for you. So, what are you waiting for? order your gift right now and bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones!

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Why Is Better To Send Cakes, Sweets And Flowers Online ?

Online Cake Delivery In Chandigarh

If your job or your studies have taken you away from your loved ones then you can stay connected with them by sending gifts online. Parents, relatives, friends you can make everyone of them happy by only one click on your mouse.

Why is better to choose the gifts for your beloved people online? The Internet is flooded with online gift shops which specialize in delivering gifts.There are many online cake shops you can find everything you need. If you have not any time to go shopping, if you are far away from your home and the only way sending gifts to your family is online delivering, if you dont know where to find what you need, just searching in Google Online Cake Delivery and you can find all kind of cakes and sweets you need.

The main online delivering’s benefit is that the cakes are freshly baked and some have quite unique and creative designs. The cakes are made from pure natural ingredients and come in different flavors and sizes with chocolate and black forest being the hot favorites. You can also send a personal message on the cake. The online bakers and gift shops have cakes in different flavors as well as special diet cakes such as egg less cakes, sugar free cakes, fat free cakes etc for those conscious about their weight or forbidden to take certain foods.Moreover they can be delivered always when you need and on time to make your beloved people happy.

For birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, special occasions or just to show your love to your family or friends you always can send any kind of cakes without any tension or spending time searching for the best cake you need. Fresh and beautiful, tasty and sweet cakes are waiting to be chosen. Online Cake Delivery In Chandigarh written on your computer screen is all what you need to find the best gifts for your loves ones. The delivery service provided is equally important. Cakes are delicate and need to be delivered straight away. The online gift shops are able to delivery any kind of cake on time and trouble free. The efficient home delivery service delivers fresh cakes door to door without any tension.

Also there are many kind of sweet you can send instead of cakes. Cookies, desserts and cup cakes and other bakery items are the great gift you can send. Interesting, colorful, with different taste and shapes cookies and cup cakes will sure bring joy and happiness to everybody. You even can not imagine how many kinds of sweet you can find in online online gift and cakes shops! Creative and modern, they can surprising you with their delicate and beautiful view. If you still have doubt just write Online Cake Delivery and be sure, all what you want and much more will be here to please you and the people you love.

With cakes and sweet you can send flowers too. Sometimes flowers can speak better than thousand words. What is the better way to show a girl how much you love her? Or to express your gratitude, love and respect you your mother? Using Online Flower Delivery you can send fresh flowers, beautiful bouquets and lots of love to everyone you want. You be sure the flowers will be delivered on time, fresh, beautiful and fragrant on the right place and the right time.

Cakes and flowers can be sent together as a special gift and online you can find many special offers to be used. You can choose flowers and sweet things whenever you want, just sitting in front of your computer at home or your office,saving your time and nerves. Simple and easy, just type online cake delivery or Online Flower Delivery In Chandigarh, buy and send happiness and your love to the people who deserve it.

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Benefits Of Online Cake Delivery Services ?

Giftmajik- Same Day Delivery

Giftmajik- Same Day Delivery

Everybody knows the best way to make people happy is to gift them something beautiful, delicate and tasty. Exactly, I am talking about cakes. They are suitable for any occasion and can be used by anybody, no matter children or adults, vegetarians or non-vegetarians, people who loves sweet, or not so much… there are uncountable kinds of cakes for any taste or occasion.

Cakes can be made with or without eggs, can be very sweet or only made by fruits, they can be big or small, colorful or simple, it’s only depend of your desire. But in your very busy schedule how to find the right cake for the people who you love and want to make happy?

Of Course By Using Online Cake Delivery Services. What Are The Benefits Of Using It:

Imagine that tomorrow is your father’s birthday and you know his favorite cake is fruit’s one. You are very busy at work, going home late, trying to find the best cake for your father but in local bakery there are not any cake he would like. Then what to do? It’s simple, just sit in front of your pc, laptop and write Online Cake Delivery Services.

What More You Must Do Is Only To Choose The Right Cake :

Fruits or chocolate, with eggs or not, big or small, with your father’s name written on it, his ages, your wishes, you can get whatever you want. There are thousand options, prices or tastes you can choose. Moreover you can buy your cake so quickly and easy, without wasting your time going around the shops, looking for what exactly you need. It can be very irritating and confusing, right?

No need to feel helpless, just use online cake delivery services in chandigarh. Now imagine your sister’s wedding anniversary is coming, but she is living in another city and there is not any way for you to go there to gift her and to show her your love and cares. What if send her a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and a big, sweet cake with best wishes and blessings? This is the best decision you can got! But where to find such cake? Check for Online Cake Delivery in Chandigarh. If you just want to make your wife happy, showing her how special she is for you, or want to send a cake for your mother, saying her thanks for her cares, or just you need to show them your love you can do this easy and without spend even a minute more thinking about this. You can find everything what you need with only one click on your keyboard.

We often have not any time or just have not any idea what cake exactly to send to our friends for their occasions, or even do not know where to find such a cake. Sometimes we are not able to delivery the cake without damage it, or if it’s a surprise for a family member where to hide the cake after buying it? How to store it properly and the same time to be sure nobody will see the surprise?

Now we no need more to bothering ourselves with such issues. All we need to do is just to check for Online Cake Delivery services in chandigarh and the cake will be exactly on the right time and place, making all the people around us happy.

Information provided by Giftmajik a reputable online cake delivery service In chandigarh, mohali, panchkula provide authentic services such as Online Flowers Delivery In Chandigarh Time, online gift delivery, cake delivery to chandigarh, flowers bouquet delivery at low cost and we also provide same day cake and flower delivery services.

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Importance of Cake In Our Life – Online Cake Delivery


Everybody loves cakes. But we never even imagine their importance in our life.

Imagine your wedding day without a wedding cake. Wedding is one of the most memorable events in an individual’s life. And we want everything to be perfect this day. Cake is a symbol of couple’s love, trust and commitment. Mostly cake is bride’s expressing, what she like or dreams about. She and the groom express their feelings on cake. Sometimes the want their cake big and spectacular, with lots of flowers and different colors, other times they want a small and simple cake. Sometimes they need to show something to people around, something important to them, the place they have meet each other, things that they both love to do, or just something personal and known themselves only.

However, some of the best memories and the most beautiful pictures after the wedding day are when the couple is next to their amazing cake and trying to cut it and feed up with a piece of the cake each other. And to be your wedding day unforgettable and your memories sweet as a cake, you can search for Online Cake Delivery and check up the special designer wedding cake, special wedding flower arrangements, and special wedding decorations offered from Giftmajik.

But if you are already have got married doesn’t mean you will stop need cakes. There are lots of events you can eat these beautiful and tasty sweet things. When someone of your beloved people has a birthday, what is the best gift, if not a big birthday cake with lots of candles to be blown! The tradition of celebrating birthdays has been around since time immemorial, and birthday cakes are an integral part of all these celebrations. Also the cake is the best way to make happy not only children, but the adults too. What is more exciting for than the cake you dreamed about, flowers, balloons and your family and friends around, wishing you Happy Birthday and waiting for you to blow up the candles on the cake ? Now mаke a wish and smile! If not cake, what you will celebrate your birthday with? Tasty, sweet and exciting, chocolate or vanilla, with fruits or not, all what you need to do is just to check for Online Cake Delivery In Chandigarh and you will be able to make any birthday the most special day for your beloved people.

What about Christmas? Send special Christmas cakes to chandigarh using Giftmajik. Some people give fruitcakes as gifts to their loved ones at Christmas time. Christmas cake bears the core essence of Christmas. Christmas fruit cake is one of the most popular dishes prepared during Christmas season. Be it the age old plum cake or normal pastry cake the significance of cakes in making a Christmas celebration complete goes the sky limit. Fruits and nuts, ground and soaked in a wonderful blend of liqueurs, make this Christmas fruit cake really special. It’s the passion and the highlight of the Christmas fruits cake in Christmas season celebrated all over world.

What about Christmas? Why don’t you send special Christmas cakes to your friends or family online using Giftmajik? Christmas is a time when people give fruitcakes as gifts to their loved ones at Christmas time. Christmas cake bears the core essence of Christmas. Christmas fruit cake is one of the most popular dishes prepared during Christmas season. Be it the age old plum cake or normal pastry cake the significance of cakes in making a Christmas celebration complete goes the sky limit. Fruits and nuts, ground and soaked in a wonderful blend of liqueurs, make this Christmas fruit cake really special. Don’t think so much, there is nothing more easy to make your beloved people happy on Christmas. Just check for Online Cake Delivery in Chandigarh and send them cake by Giftmajik!

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The Importance Of The Flowers For The Special Occasions In Our Life ?

Flowers are so beautiful and tender. Flowers are everywhere around us and they never stop amazed us with their colors and shapes They are here for us to make our life beautiful. But they also play an important role in all special occasions, parties and events around the world. Flowers are pious and no wedding is possible without them. In every Christian wedding the bride needs to carry a bride’s bouquet for example. In church everything is decorated with flowers,the hall where is the wedding party flowers are all around to make the special day beautiful and  unforgettable. No Hindu wedding is possible without flowers because the exchange of flower garlands is a must or a Muslim wedding where a flowered veil covers the bridegroom’s face. However no wedding ceremony is complete without flowers.
There is a minimum need for flowers in any wedding. However, there is no higher limit, and it depends on the will and budget of the hosts. Below, we take a glimpse of the role flowers play in weddings.
Flowers for Rituals of the Wedding:
The wedding flowers are a large part of any Bridal bouquet, Maid of Honor’s bouquet, flower garlands or “Jaimala”, veil of flowers for the bridegroom are mandatory for different wedding rituals around the world. In fact no wedding is possible without flowers! More over they are needed now only to make a wedding day beautiful but because they have many ritual functions. These are just a few examples. There are many other rituals that are incomplete without flowers.
Flowers for Decoration and Flower Wedding Themes:
Flowers are in every nook and corner of the venue wheere the wedding will be. oOn the entrance, the altar, the “Mandap” or the buffet table, there is a pompous display of flowers everywhere. Many couples also decide to have a flower-themed wedding. Very common ones include Rose theme, Spring Flower theme and Countryside theme, all of which have a generous display of flowers.
Flowers as Accouterments of the Bride and Bridegroom:
Flowers play a significant role in the trousseau of the bride and groom. From beautiful flowered hair accessories to flower ornaments for the bride and from the fascinating veil to the Boutonniere for the groom, flowers add to the charm of the to-be-wed couple. Also is very common  the marriage bed of the newlyweds to be decorated with flowers or even with leaves of red or pink roses.
Flowers as Accessory for the Family Members:
Weddings are as important for the family members as they are for the bride and groom. To make the family members feel special, more beautiful and happy, flower accessories like boutonnieres and wrist bands are kept aside for them beforehand.
Flowers for Photography Sessions:
What is a wedding photography without flowers? The floral decorations enhance the beauty of the photographs clicked for the wedding album and special emphasis is laid on floral decorations at the venue. There is nothing more beautiful than a picture of bride surrounded by flowers. The functions before the wedding are as important as the wedding itself and to get the best pictures what is better than floral decorations!
Flowers as Gifts:
Flower bouquets are one of the most common gifts, presented to the newlyweds. Guests shower their blessings and best wishes through the beautiful flowers they gift.
Briefly, no matter you are planing your own wedding or of some near and dear one, allocate a budget for flowers because they can make every place beautiful and any person happy. Flowers are the best way to add glamor and grandeur to every important occasion.
With a little imagination on the go, and good preparation, you can make the next wedding in the family an affair to remember!

Author’s Profile:
This article is written by Iglika Georgieva from Giftmajik. GiftMajik Offers Online Flower Delivery in Chandigarh.

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Giftmajik Online Cake & Flower Delivery in Chandigarh On Same Day


Giftmajik Offers A Wide Range Of Online Cake Delivery In Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula Like:

  • Chocolate Cakes Delivery
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  • Sports Theme Cakes


We Also Offers A Wide Range Of Online Flower Delivery In Chandigarh & Tri-city Like:

  • Rose Flowers
  • Lily Flowers
  • Orchid Flowers
  • Carnation Flowers
  • Gerbera Flowers
  • Mix Flowers
  • Pink Roses
  • Basket Flower Arrangements


Giftmajik Offers Flowers For Special Occasions Like:

  • Anniversary Occasion
  • Birthday Occasion
  • Congratulations
  • Get Well Soon
  • I Am Sorry
  • New Year Day
  • Valentine’s Day


We Also Offers Combo Gifts For your Loved One :

  • Anniversary Combo Gifts
  • Flowers and Cakes
  • Flowers and Chocolates
  • Flowers And Greeting Cards
  • Cakes And Teddy
  • Cakes and Ferrero Rocher
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