The Meaning Of Flowers ?

Flower Delivery In Chandigarh

Flower Delivery In Chandigarh

Flowers often say more than what we dare to say. For centuries, they have different symbolism that has changed many times, but some common messages remain and no matter what, a beautiful bouquet is always the best gift for any occasion or people.

Nowadays, in our busy schedule more and more people prefer to send flowers to their loves ones, using online Flower Delivery In Chandigarh. Lots of sites offer us beautiful bouquets for any taste and abilities. But do we know what exactly flower is suitably for the person we want to gift? In this article we will try to make it easy for you, giving you some examples.

One of the most popular flowers – the rose, depending on its color, can express different feelings. The red rose is the preserved symbol of love. It happens only when we mean “I love you” and in no other case. Clogging a red rose means strong feelings that must be kept secret. The white rose symbolizes faithfulness and infallibility, says “believe me”. Yellow talks about friendship. A little open, the yellow rose asks “Do you still love me” and the meaning of a very dissolved yellow color is “Please come back.” The rose is a symbol of complete happiness and pleasure, but it also carries the message of secret love and admits that “my heart belongs to you”. It completely blossoms, the color tells her “Believe what I say and do.” The semi-open pink color speaks that love is real, the combination of white and red roses means “near eternity”. From the roses that are imported. One flower carries the message of love, 12 roses express gratitude and respect, 25 are sent for congratulations, and the classic bouquet of 100 or 50 roses bears the symbol of eternal love.

Many people define clove as old-fashioned and conservative, but lately out of fashion. It has a wide variety of colors, lasts for a long time in a vase and is suitable for a modern interior. Carnation symbolizes love, charm and sophistication. The bright red carnations express admiration, dark red love and white means pure love and luck. The bright color of the carnation brings the message that love is rejected, and the yellow speaks for pride.

The hyacinth is the color of courage and is very suitable for the gift of people who engage in sport. The blue hyacinth means consistency, and the white, besides beauty and charm, also expresses the unspoken message “I am proud of you”. The yellow hyacinth, which occurs less frequently, speaks of jealousy. “Love me” is the meaning of the daffodil. The traditional significance of violets is modesty and restraint. With a bouquet of tulip we can send carries the message of a perfect lover. And that’s the color that matters – the red tulip says “Believe in my love,” and this is a kind of statement of feelings, and the yellow tulip is an expression of the sun and joy.

The Iris is the flower of hope and faith. With it we can say “My compliments” or admit to someone close “Your friendship means a lot to me”. Beauty, intelligence and modesty symbolize the tears of the monsters, who also speak to the person for whom they are intended: “You have made my life full and perfect.”

Jewelry is shy, but it also embodies a happy marriage. The red poppy is the color of pleasure, white of comfort and yellow wealth and success.

Gladiol is the flower with which we can say “I am sincere with you”.

The orchid is the classic flower of beauty, elegance and sophistication, and brings a message of love and flattery.

The ivy, often used in the arrangement of bouquets, symbolizes marital love, faithfulness and friendship. The Ilium gives a message of love and overcoming the difficulties, and the myth, which is a Jewish symbol of marriage, means love. Palm leaves from ancient times are a symbol of victory and success.

In addition to the meaning of the flowers, a bouquet message can also be made. Colors have not only aesthetic effects but also soothe or stimulate, improve mood.

The red color acts stimulating and needs to be careful with it, and the purple influence soothes and relieves tension. The yellow, which connects with the sun, improves mood, brings joy and warmth, color of communication, activity and openness. Orange is the color of optimism. Green is sometimes overlooked and perceived only as a bouquet, but it should not be, this color is associated with nature and the feeling of tranquility. Blue is the color of peace, and the pink creates a sense of joy. White means full openness, but also In most of the Asian countries white is a mourning color, so is good to avoid in case of celebrations.

After reading all of these very helpful advice now you are ready to order Fresh Flowers Delivery In Chandigarh sending your love and showing the right feelings to your beloved people, making them happy and bringing smiles on their faces. The last advice we can share with you is that flowers are never too much and never to often. So, don’t waste more time but go and check for Flower Delivery In Chandigarh site and say ‘I love you’ to the people need to hear this!


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