Some Tips On How To Give Flowers For Different Occasions

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Flowers are an indispensable gift for every occasion and the ideal way to make someone feel loved and valued. A beautiful bouquet will illuminate the owner with a smile and contribute to the festive atmosphere. But even when we give flowers, there is a certain label that we have to comply with.

It is a well-known fact that the flowers in the bouquet must be an odd number unless the occasion is not a trashy – then the number must be even. In smaller bouquets the number reaches 12 colors. For larger ones, bouquets are accepted above this figure, and in some countries it is accepted to check whether the number of flowers in them is divided into six (18, 24 …).

The bouquet is given and handed down with the left hand so the right hand is always free to hold. And it is believed that as soon as it comes to the left, it is from the heart.

The beauty of flowers is usually for women. It is accepted that men do not receive bouquets unless they have a very big occasion (jubilee, promotion). If you still have to give flowers to a cavalier, then look for them to have bigger colors to keep them unnatural in their hands. Ladies are not limited by rules and can exchange color compositions at any time.

When giving flowers Flowers must be combined correctly. There are some species that do not like to compete for attention, so they drop their competitors with strong aroma and toxic substances. These are the rose, the orchid, the lily and the carnation. Do not give out dried flowers unless they are meant to decorate an office as it is believed to symbolize grief.

Match the bouquet with the occasion. On more idyllic festivities it is accepted to give larger compositions. Flower baskets are more common, but they are not for everyone. With such a gesture, you can delight a participant in a theater or dance performance, as well as those who celebrate a jubilee. Not recommended as a housewife’s gift. It is desirable that when giving flowers, attach a greeting card to the bouquet. If you are visiting the hospital, abstain from highly fragrant flowers, as their smell may badly affect the patient.

Sometimes, the predominant color scheme of the bouquet is also important because it carries a certain symbolism. For example, composition in white and red means encouragement in white and blue – wisdom, and in blue and yellow – patience.

Bouquet According To Age:

The bouquets for the younger recipients should be in lighter tones and, if possible, the flower buds are not completely open. So the composition will become the personification of its owner. For older people, flowers are available in brighter colors to enhance their mood.

Not recommended white and yellow, as well as bouquets of chrysanthemums and carnations, as they are a symbol of grief and separation. If you are giving flowers to a young mother, buy for the baby as the second bouquet conforms to the newborns gender. In a child’s birthday invitation, do not think the flowers are superfluous. When kids get a bouquet, they feel more grown and flatter, especially little ladies.

If you have decided to rejoice someone with a flower in a pot, you should approach carefully. First check that the person in question loves gardening to make sure you are on the right track and find out if he is not allergic to some flowers. When you give a flower to a pot, attach a note with a brief guide to growing it. Sometimes house plants carry certain messages to their recipient. For example, blizzards and begonias harmonize the relationship in the home, azalea gives confidence, and the orchid and drachma drive away depression and pessimism. Aloe is given as a wish for a healthy family, and the ivy – as protection from envy and slander.

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