Why We Celebrate Our Birthdays With Cakes?

Send Cakes To Chandigarh

Send Cakes To Chandigarh

Have you ever wondered where the celebration of birthday with cake and candles comes from? This question, like many others, is quite controversial and the exact origin of the cake itself has not yet been confirmed.

It is believed that everything began in Ancient Egypt, where the Egyptians worshiped their pharaohs as gods and believed that once coronated, they began a new divine life. In their honor, they made sweet loaves with which they grew rich, and later began to prepare sweets that cut into two.

The search for the answer to this question takes us to ancient Greece, where birthdays were celebrated only in honor of the richest and most famous people and the gods.

The ancient Greeks wore special cakes in the temple of Artemis, the goddess of the moon, to honor and pray to her. These cakes resemble moonlit tartlets decorated with candles and made from flour, nuts, olive oil and honey.

The candles symbolized the glamor, light and beauty of the Moon with which they sought to appease the goddess and to be more affectionate to them.

It is believed that modern birthday cakes have been revived in the area of today’s Germany, where in their homes and bakeries people have prepared festive bread with honey and dried fruits in the shape of a newborn baby who was given at weddings and child birthdays.

Then they began to put the candlesticks, according to the years of the celebrating child. In 1881, the first written document, which says that the candles on the cake are lit and burned not in honor of the gods, but in the celebration of their birthday, and their number symbolizes the completed years.

Today’s birthday cakes made with cream, chocolate and fruit have become favorites in England, where they even hid presents in the dough by putting jewels, coins and small jewels.

Regardless of centuries and traditions, a birthday cake is known and loved all over the world. We now can’t imagine a birthday without a taste and beautiful cake. For children or adults, men or women, family or friends the best birthday’s gift can only be a cake.

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